Mazda Edenvale

The sky’s the limit.

A white sheet of paper. A blank canvas. This is what our engineers were given when devising a new way of developing our cars.

Thankfully, the challenger spirit is always present at Mazda, this is how the groundbreaking and technologically unconventional SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY was born.

The world’s highest compression ratios, new transmissions and lightweight design were the results. Ensuring that our new range of cars are as efficient as they possibly can be while being as exciting and involving to drive as you expect them to be.

SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY - the future is here.

SKYACTIV means redefining everything, every major part of a car, from the engine to chassis and from the body to transmissions. Learn what made us search for better performance and efficiency, how we improved processes and how we developed the ground-breaking solution that is SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY (Play Video).

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