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Defying convention every step of the way.

We're a different kind of car company. This comes from the many challenges we have faced in the past. But it also comes from the unique way in which the people who work at Mazda see the world. Where others would see conventions as things that need to be followed, we see conventions as things that need to be challenged to make things better. This way of thinking has served us well and has led to some truly groundbreaking engineering, which you can experience in every Mazda we make. We're proud of that, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Challenger Spirit

Our colourful history has presented us with many challenges. Our unique spirit has seen these challenges as opportunities for improvement and innovation. To make better cars, we defy convention. From design inspired by nature to cars that connect you to the road and the world around you, we cannot help but approach each challenge from a different perspective. That’s what makes us who we are.



We challenged every technical convention when creating our innovative SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY. From re-engineering the combustion engine, transmission and chassis components to blending moving design with aerodynamic efficiency, we left no stone unturned when reimagining the way cars are made.


KODO Design

Good design should move you. Both literally and figuratively. To achieve new and dynamic forms, our designers and engineers studied the evolution of movement in nature to achieve the breathtaking KODO – Soul of Motion design, which masterfully blends movement with tension, elegance and fluid grace.


MZD Connect

Could you imagine ‘bonding’ with a car that was disconnected? Neither can we. That's why we put the connection between car and driver at the heart of every Mazda. Instead of sticking with convention and overwhelming the driver with gadgets that isolate him from the drive experience, we believe that technology should enhance the drive, not distract from it.

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